Motor City Comic Con 2016

Hey everyone! I’ll be at MCCC this week! I’ll have prints, books and I’ll be doing sketches. This is my hometown show, so it’s pretty relaxed for me… and if I didn’t bring a particular item to the show you’re looking for, I can probably bring it with me the following day. 

I think I’m at table J24. I don’t know. Probably. That sounds right. 

And I am on a couple panels.


2:30pm  Speaker Room 3

Writing Comics For Kids with Dave Aikins, Katie Cook, & Jay P. Fosgitt

Who’s behind the comic versions of the cartoons you love? How are they different from the shows? What rules do they have to follow? Get the behind-the-scenes word from the folks in the know, and maybe get some tips for getting into the business!


2:30pm  Speaker Room 3

Sketch Duel: Chrissie Zullo vs. Nen vs. Danica Brine vs. Katie Cook

Wrap up the weekend at MCCC with these incredibly talented ladies! This duel has a bit of everything! A painter, cartoonist and so much more. Don’t miss out as four lucky fans win some amazing art.

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