As we said in the comic strip above, pre-ordering your
comics is one of the best things you can do for the books you love! It helps the creators, the local economy, and especially you – the fan!

Please share this post with as many people as you can.
Because it’s not just important that we all pre-order our comics, but it’s
essential to know why we should be motivated to take that extra step! For those interested, you can get a 11×17 print copy of a general version of this comic strip to hang up in your comic shop here!

You can find a comic shop near you by going to

And if you’re one of those unfortunate people who doesn’t have a shop near by you can go to sites like Discount Comic Book Service or Mid-Town Comics and order your comics there! 

Currently, our (Comfort and Adam’s) comic, The Uniques Vol. 1,
is up for pre-order in the March Previews for Women in Comics month. You can
read the first free issue of The Uniques here. If you’re so inclined, please
pre-order it with all your other comics at your local comic shop using this item

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