It takes a lot of people to make Chip Zdarsky look good. So we pored through all those Chip Zdarsky comics that Chip Zdarsky did this year to identify all the great people Chip Zdarsky worked with and hold a special award in recognition of their hard work and sacrifices.

CA Best of 2015: Cast Your Vote For The Chip Zdarsky Award For Services In Working With Chip Zdarsky

A few people are not on this list, and here are the reasons why:

-JASON LATOUR: Stole my idea that I drunkenly told him at a convention: “Hey howzbout a spiderman but it’s someone else not peter whazname”

-KATIE COOK: Stabbed me at NYCC and took seventeen dollars .

-ROB GUILLORY: Too handsome.

-RICO RENZI: Not handsome enough.

And that’s it! That’s everyone I’ve worked with in 2015.

true story. 

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