Find Katie at New York Comic Con! 

You can find me, my original art, prints, plushes and books at C10 in artist alley! 

I will also have only SIX of my new 3D printed “jerks in a box” sculpt. Bring yo’ pennies! If they do well, I’ll have more printed.

I also have some signings and panels and STUFF. 

Star Wars: A Galxy of Fandom
11-12. Room 1A24.

The new era of Star Wars is here! Join Special Guests from the worlds of games, books, comics and entertainment as they share memories of seeing Star Wars for the first time; discuss how the sprawling space epic shaped their lives; and more. Geek out over your favorite parts of that galaxy far, far away with Superfans from Wookieepedia and get hyped for The Force Awakens and other exciting new chapters in the Star Wars saga!

12:30-1:30 I will be at the Sterling Publishing booth (2022) on the main floor signing and selling copies of my cat books F You, Box and ABCDE F You. I will NOT HAVE THESE BOOKS AT MY BOOTH. THey will be available at Sterling’s booth ONLY at the show.
Sterling publishing will also have  a tote bag with my art on it for the show. If you buy the cat books (or anything else) you get a bag!

Using Tumblr to Sell your Idea
Room 1B03. 1:30-2:30

Curious about what it takes to land a job in comics? Social media can play a big part! With thousands of original content posts a day, Tumblr has become a goldmine for publishers to discover creators, for creators to discover each other and for Fans to connect with creators. With tips from experienced industry professionals and your friendly neighborhood Tumblr staff, this Panel will focus on the ins and outs of using social media to your advantage.
with Felipe Smith and Kieron Gillen

How to Draw with Katie Cook!
Room Family HQ 1C01. 11-12

Come join Katie Cook (My Little Pony, Star Wars, Gronk) as she takes kids’ suggestions and teaches everyone how to draw all things adorable! This will be a rapid-fire, fun, weird, awesome, interactive time and Katie will probably only mention her cat twice*. (*lie.)

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