Here you go — all the covers, all the preview pages, all for Shutter #7, due out Wednesday December 10th.

Going from top to bottom — that first cover’s by Leila. There’s actually another variant of it sent out to retailers participating in Image’s retailer display program with an additional Image stamp on the cover. You know Leila. She’s amazing.

Second up is Frank Cho. He’s the creator of Liberty Meadows, a bunch of Marvel Comics and we’re doing this comic called Brutal someday (seriously). He’s a really good guy. One of my favorite good guys, actually. He and Owen Gieni collaborated on this and it turned out amazing. I think Frank just announced he’s doing some books at BOOM!. Those will probably also turn out amazing.

Next up is Ray Fawkes. Continuing the Good Guy tradition. Come to think of it everyone on here is a Good Person, just so you know. Ray writes about 85 DC books as well as that Wolverines comic with Charles Soule. He’s also a swell artist and you can check out more of his work in his Image series Intersect.

Third up is John Workman. I posted about his work with Walt Simonson on Thor yesterday. Yes, he’s the new letterer, but he’s also a great artist in his own right. I really wanted to show all his talents off, so he also collaborated with both Owen (on colors) and Leila (who did the logo) on this.

Fourth up is Katie Cook’s cover. Katie’s art is all over the place lately so we were really lucky to get her to contribute this Image Comics Animal Mega-Crossover Cover. It’s an exclusive being shared by Austin Books & Comics, Beach Ball Comics, Big Planet Comics and Laughing Ogre Comics.

Fifth up is by Jamie McKelvie, who draws the extremely fantastic The Wicked + The Divine and also maintains one of the funniest Twitter accounts I follow. This was an incentive cover (which I think means if retailers bought X, they could order Y or something I don’t know I am horrible at any Math) and there’s barely any of these in existence. So, if you want one (and I mean, come on, look at it, it’s fantastic), I would highly suggest letting your retailer know.

Sixth up (SIX COVERS? WHAT IS THIS 1995???) is the sketch cover variant you can only get from Leila and me at conventions. I think the next one we’ll be at is Emerald City Comic Con. We’re not doing mail order just yet. We should do that, though.

And finally, here’s your sneak peak of the first four pages. Yes, it was intentional to start off with a massive burst to herald the coming of John Workman. I do it a bit in this issue. There’s one double page spread that was, as my buddy gregmatiasevich put it, the most satisfying SFX to ever write ever. You’ll know it when you see it, especially if you check out that Thor post.

Anyway, yes. Shutter is back. Its been too long. So much so that leiladelduca and I decided to make the breaks shorter in the future. Next time we’re only taking one month off with nothing out, then releasing Vol. 2 and #13 on the same day. We missed our comic book so.

All this plus a John Workman retrospective by sheahisself, a new Tiger Lawyer by chrispyratearts + Ryan Ferrier and a sweet pinup by kotzebue.

We hope you dig it (and please write in! I’m compiling #8’s letters column like now now now now).

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