Excerpt from my interview with Bleeding Cool today:

But the comics I enjoyed reading as a kid were stories I could grow into and continue enjoying on some level into adulthood. If a story was watered down for my benefit I could sense it right away, and although I might read the issue if someone bought it for me I wasn’t going to ask for the next issue. I focus on writing stories with humor and layers that take advantage of the medium and the skills of my artist. I continue as an adult to subscribe to all-ages comics alongside my long list of horror titles and I want Littlest Pet Shop to be the kind of comic that has appeal well after the readers are out of grade school. A fan once started a letter to me about my My Little Pony Celestia Micro that began, “You may have thought you wrote a simple children’s story…”, but I didn’t think that at the time. My approach to every project is to never write a simple anything.

Full interview on Bleeding Cool

Image is Katie Cook’s variant cover for Littlest Pet Shop #1!

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