I was once in a Potbelly Sandwich Shop with my husband and we were sitting next to 3 teenagers (2 girls and one boy). One girl was eating a sandwich, the boy was eating a sandwich and the other girl was drinking one of their big milkshakes. 

The boy looked at the girl drinking the milkshake and said “Are you sure you won’t eat? You can have the other half of my sandwich.”

To which the girl with the milkshake shrieked “Are you crazy? There are CARBS in that! UGH.” And proceeded to drink more of her MILKSHAKE. 

The boy looked over to our table, knowing that my husband and I were older and wiser. I’m pretty sure he mouthed “help me” from across the table. 

I looked at him with a parental “You got YOURSELF mixed up with THAT one. You deal with it” look and he slouched his shoulders in defeat as he dug into his potato chips. 

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