When I spun this art blog off from my original Tumblr account, it was just because my own artwork was getting lost in a sea of reblogs. It was sort of an organizational move for my own benefit, and I honestly expected I’d get no more than a couple dozen followers composed entirely of the same friends and acquaintances who follow any new account I create.

So I was delighted when I checked my follower count recently and not only saw it break 250 over the weekend, but also noticed that I didn’t recognize quite a few of the names! There’s a lot of new folks here! Hi folks! My name’s Jon, nice to meet you!

Since a lot of this blog’s followers appear to be new to my work and also because I wanted to do something nice to commemorate breaking 250 followers, I’m making available for free download the Complete Strip Collection of my old webcomic, Jeremy.

Jeremy (Just Turned Nine) was a webcomic I produced intermittently between 2000 and 2007, featuring the nine-year old son of Dr.Frankenstein and a few of his very tolerant friends. You can pick up a physical copy of the book here on Lulu, but you’re more than welcome to avail yourself of a digital copy from the links below absolutely free. Both versions contain absolutely every strip which ever appeared online, plus bonus stories released in different anthology and minicomics and a sketchbook section.

Right-click and Save As to download:

Jeremy: The Complete Strip Collection (CBR)

Jeremy: The Complete Strip Collection (EPUB)

Jeremy: The Complete Strip Collection (PDF)

I hope you enjoy, and thanks for following this Tumblr!

My friend Calamity Jon is giving away comics. HAVE SOME!

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